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Happy Campers
Gluten Free


The United States


Shopify Theme Development, Maintenance, UI/UX


Gluten Free Breads


3 Months

About The Project

About Client’s Business

Happy Campers specializes in gluten-free bread, prioritizing taste and nutrition for health-conscious consumers.

Services We Provided

Our team designed their website with a hand-drawn, approachable aesthetic that boosted conversion rates while maintaining simplicity. We addressed challenges like managing minimum order limits, real-time shipping assurance, and user-friendly product bundling without relying on external third-party apps, aligning with the client's goals and brand ethos.

The Opportunities

Modern yet Down to Earth

When it came to the Happy Campers website, our client had a unique vision in mind. They wanted a design that felt down-to-earth and almost like hand-drawn sketches on paper. So, our team rolled up their sleeves and crafted the UI/UX to bring that vision to life.

Increase Minimum Order Value

They were attracting significant traffic and conversions, but the average order value was too low for scaling. Therefore, they needed to explore upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Enable Subscription System

They required a bespoke subscription app designed to retain customers and convert them into long-term patrons. By offering personalized subscription options, the aim was to enhance customer loyalty and ensure a steady stream of recurring revenue. This strategic move was envisioned to create a more sustainable and committed customer base.

Our Solution

Minimum Order Dilemma

Happy Campers had a bit of a conundrum on their hands – they wanted to set minimum product order limits, but they didn't want to go overboard with third-party apps. After all, simplicity is key in providing a smooth user experience and managing their website hassle-free.

Navigating Shipping Assurance

They also needed a shipping assurance feature that could adapt on the fly as customers loaded up their carts. This would not only boost customer confidence but also bring more clarity to the purchasing process, making it a win-win situation.

Tackling Product Bundling

Happy Campers aimed to offer customers the convenience of bundling products without the headache of dealing with extra third-party apps. We rose to the challenge, creating a user-friendly bundling feature right on their website – no unnecessary add-ons required!

The Process

UI Design

After submitting the first version to the client, it was entirely rejected due to a new set of requirements that hadn't been disclosed initially. Consequently, we overhauled the entire website from scratch to align with his updated vision. Upon presenting this revamped version, the client was thoroughly impressed, exclaiming "wow."

Frontend Development

In just a month, we crafted a storefront that perfectly encapsulated the client's desired brand values.

Shopify Custom App

We collected the client's specific requirements, engaged in thorough back-and-forth communication, and developed the app to ensure the site was fully operational.

Final Result

Project Handover

We expertly navigated through all the hurdles and completed the project within a three-month timeframe.

The Impact

The result? An approachable and distinctive online presence that perfectly captured the client's desired vibe. And here's the cherry on top: the website didn't just look great; it also boosted conversion rates, ticking all the boxes for our client and aligning seamlessly with their brand identity.

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