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eCommerce logistics solution


The United States


Shopify Theme Development, UI/UX


eCommerce logistics solution


2 Months

About The Project

About Client’s Business

Mountainy is an eCommerce logistics solution founded in 2014. They empower businesses to sell without limitations by providing custom solutions. They primarily work with eCommerce sellers in need of print-on-demand or third-party fulfillment solutions.

Services We Provided

Genesys played a pivotal role in enhancing their online presence by designing a modern, clean, and lightweight Shopify website that effectively showcases their services. Our meticulous design and development ensured that Mountainy's expectations were not only met but exceeded, leaving them completely satisfied with our services.

The Opportunities

Design Complexity

Faced with the intricate challenge of distilling Mountainy's extensive functionality into a clean, uncluttered design. The task involved meticulously balancing the vast array of features with a minimalist aesthetic, ensuring the website remained navigable and visually appealing.

User-Friendly Integration

The second major hurdle was seamlessly integrating user-friendly interfaces within the Shopify platform. This involved customizing and optimizing Shopify's existing structures to accommodate Mountainy's complex needs without sacrificing ease of use or accessibility for a diverse user base.

Our Solution

Simplified Design

Leveraged Shopify's robust framework to architect and implement a minimalist yet comprehensive interface for Mountainy. Focused on decluttering the UI, optimizing site navigation, and efficiently integrating multifaceted functionalities without compromising on aesthetic or operational simplicity.

Usability Enhancement

Enhanced user experience by adopting responsive design principles, streamlining user journeys, and incorporating intuitive navigation cues. Customized Shopify's features to ensure seamless interaction, accessibility, and engagement across diverse user demographics, achieving a high degree of user-friendliness.

The Process

Requirements Gathering and Planning

Initiated the project by conducting thorough discussions with Mountainy to understand their vision, objectives, and the extensive functionalities required for their website. This phase involved mapping out the site architecture, defining the user personas, and prioritizing features to ensure a solid foundation for both the technical and design aspects. Collaborative tools and wireframing techniques were utilized to visualize the structure and flow of the website, aligning the project goals with the capabilities of the Shopify platform.

Design and Prototyping

Transitioned to the design phase, focusing on creating a user-centric UI/UX. Leveraged Shopify's flexible theming capabilities to craft a bespoke design that embodies Mountainy's brand while ensuring simplicity and usability. Prototypes were developed to simulate the user experience, incorporating feedback loops with Mountainy to refine visual elements, navigation, and interactions. This iterative process ensured the interface was intuitive and aligned with user expectations, promoting engagement and ease of use.

Development and Optimization

With the design approved, the focus shifted to development on the Shopify platform. Custom coding, theme customization, and app integrations were carefully implemented to bring the prototypes to life. Ensured the website was responsive, fast-loading, and SEO-optimized, adhering to best practices in web development and Shopify standards. Rigorous testing was conducted to guarantee functionality across all devices and browsers, culminating in a smooth launch. Post-launch, continued optimization and user feedback integration have been pivotal in maintaining the site’s performance and user satisfaction.

Final Result

Enhanced User Engagement

The redesigned Mountainy website, with its user-centric interface and intuitive navigation, significantly improved user engagement metrics. The streamlined user journey and responsive design led to a noticeable increase in session duration and a reduction in bounce rates. Users now navigate the site more efficiently, leading to higher interaction rates with key features and content, directly contributing to an enhanced overall user experience.

Boosted Conversion Rates

The strategic overhaul of the Mountainy website on the Shopify platform directly impacted their business outcomes by boosting conversion rates. The seamless integration of eCommerce functionalities, combined with a visually appealing design and optimized user flows, encouraged more users to complete purchases. This improvement in the purchasing process led to an increase in sales and revenue, demonstrating the tangible benefits of combining technical precision with thoughtful design in eCommerce environments.

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