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MJ Movements
Basketball related service and products


The United States


Shopify Theme Development, UI/UX


eCommerce solution


1 Month

About The Project

About Client’s Business

Mentis Collective is a dynamic provider of e-commerce solutions, offering services ranging from social commerce and website design to merchant processing and graphic design.

Services We Provided

We created a personalized Shopify website for Mentis Collective, focusing on improving their conversion rate by delivering a concise message to potential customers and showcasing their brand identity.

The Opportunities

User Engagement and Conversion

MJM Hoops required a website that not only attracted visitors but also effectively converted them into participants for their basketball training programs, camps, and clinics. Engaging the sports community and encouraging them to sign up was crucial.

Content Organization and Accessibility

Given the variety of services offered by MJM Hoops, organizing content in a manner that was both accessible and intuitive to users posed a significant challenge. The goal was to ensure users could easily find and sign up for specific training sessions, camps, or clinics.

Our Solution

Visual and Interactive Elements

To increase user engagement and conversion rates, we integrated high-quality, dynamic content such as videos of training sessions, testimonials from athletes, and interactive sign-up forms. These elements were designed to capture the essence of MJM Hoops' programs and motivate visitors to become part of their community.

Intuitive Navigation

We implemented a structured content hierarchy and clear navigation paths within the Shopify CMS to ensure information about different programs, camps, and clinics was easily accessible. This included categorizing services, using clear and concise menu labels, and incorporating search functionality to help users quickly find what they're looking for.

The Process


Our team worked closely with MJM Hoops to understand their vision and requirements. This phase involved outlining the site architecture, identifying key features for engagement and conversion, and creating wireframes for the website's layout.

Design and Development

Leveraging Shopify CMS, we crafted a sleek, modern UI/UX that reflects MJM Hoops' branding and ethos. This phase included integrating visual and interactive elements to enhance engagement, developing a responsive design for cross-device compatibility, and ensuring the content was well-organized and accessible.

Testing, Launch, and Optimization

Before launch, we conducted extensive testing to ensure functionality and user experience were optimized. Post-launch, we monitored user behavior to make further adjustments, optimizing loading times and enhancing security features to protect user data and transactions.

Final Result

Increased User Engagement

The integration of dynamic content and interactive elements led to a significant increase in user engagement on the website. More visitors were converted into participants for MJM Hoops' programs, evidenced by a higher rate of sign-ups and inquiries.

Improved Navigation and User Satisfaction

The restructured content and intuitive navigation system made it easier for users to find and access the information they needed, resulting in a more satisfying browsing experience. This ease of access contributed to an uptick in session durations and a decrease in bounce rates, indicating that users were more engaged and likely to explore the site extensively.

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